Congrats on your induction to the Leader MBA program!

As we have a moving confirmations measure, a few competitors are conceded onto the program sooner than others. Therefore, the time every up-and-comer needs to get ready for the beginning of the program likewise changes. To assist you with this, here is a fast outline of what you are required to do once you formally join the EMBA program paving the way to ‘Direction Week’:

You will begin accepting solicitations to our systems administration Concedes occasions

You should advise us about any progressions in your present job, organization, and area

Send over an expert image of yourself, ideally with a white foundation

Set up your LBS account. This is a significant advance, as we will send further correspondence and updates on your LBS email address, so it is a great idea to be fully informed regarding all that we design and do. You ought to get your sign in certifications nearer to the beginning of the program

Get yourself acquainted with the understudy stages and investigate the online LBS people group, understudy administrations, schedule, and the group you will be working with all through the 2 years

Begin chipping away at the pre-coursework you need to finish preceding beginning the program. There are singular cutoff times to cling to, so watch out for the course portfolio and its prerequisites.

We are enchanted to invite you to the London Business college local area you are joining. These 20 months will give you access not exclusively to the a-list schooling you will get, yet in addition the staff, graduated class and cohorts you will access. Your new section begins here!